Snow Plowing and De-Icing For Municipals,

Snow Plowing and De-Icing For Municipals
September 21st 2017

Most cities use a range of different products and strategies to remove ice and snow in the winter, but we have a few recommendations. Salt can be very harmful to cement and asphalt causing potholes, cement discoloration, and rust on your vehicles. Using sand for traction is a very muddy choice, and can lead to cracks in windshields. Click here to read our recommendations on decreasing these problems.
BC Forest Fires,

BC Forest Fires
August 31st 2017

Forest wildfires are spreading in British Columbia, Canada. ClawM Traction Attachments would be the perfect item to help clean up the after effects of mother nature. Our products are highly durable and can help your machinery hurdle any debris and help demolition go faster. Click here for more information.
New Product In Development!,

New Product In Development!
August 10th 2017

The Ultimate Solid Rubber Tire can be found here! ClawM is in developmental stages creating a new solid rubber tire that can handle our amazing heavy duty studs. Read this blog for more information on this amazing flat-proof tire.
Metal Track Loader and Excavator Studs,

Metal Track Loader and Excavator Studs
July 19th 2017

The Carbide Steel Track Studs are exactly what you need for your loader or excavator to get the best traction on any terrain. Mining and excavation work are the perfect job types for this products. Check out this blog to find out what other industries are prefect for this product.
Logging, Mulching, Mining, Snow Removal, Excavating, Landscaping; Our Studs Can Do It All!,

Logging, Mulching, Mining, Snow Removal, Excavating, Landscaping; Our Studs Can Do It All!
July 12th 2017

Snow, mud, ice, dangerous grades, and slopes; these are terrains people working in landscaping, mining, construction, excavation, demolition, logging, mulching and snow removal must deal with on a daily basis. Using ClawM Studs helps increase traction for your loader, mini excavator, or skid steer so that you can do any job. Check out the blog for more information on how each of our studs could help you out in each industry.
Modernization for Studs and Attachments,

Modernization for Studs and Attachments
May 25th 2017

This article discusses the innovative designs that ClawM has created in the past year. This blog will focus on the installation tools we have designed to make the installation process quick and frustration free.
Innovative New Traction Studs and Attachments,

Innovative New Traction Studs and Attachments
April 26th 2017

Our company is always trying to think of new applications where our studs can be used; and if there is an application that we don’t have a stud for yet, we will design one. Rubber track machinery can go on any terrain with our studs installed. Mud, snow, ice, dirt, gravel; nothing will stop your rubber track machine when our product is installed.
Redesigned Rubber Tracks,

Redesigned Rubber Tracks
April 12th 2017

Rubber tracks are changing and companies are making new designs to improve rubber track performance. This blog will discuss the good and bad aspects of altering rubber track designs. Studs for rubber tracks will also be discussed and how the installation process may be affected. Are studs still a good option for these new rubber tracks?
Cutting Costs by Using Your Rubber Track Loader,

Cutting Costs by Using Your Rubber Track Loader
March 29th 2017

How can you transform a small investment in our products into a huge change to your company’s bottom line? Rubber track machinery can be extremely useful on icy, or thick snowed in areas, but it may struggle with finding traction on these surfaces. The rubber track loader spins their tracks, and could become stuck or slide out of control. Installing studs on your rubber track equipment, gives you amazing traction on ice, mud and snow. These studs are unlike anything else available.
The V Claw Traction Advantage for Rubber Tracks,

The V Claw Traction Advantage for Rubber Tracks
March 15th 2017

Get traction in mud, dirt, gravel, ice and snow by using our traction products on your rubber track machinery. Our traction studs are unlike any other; they do not screw in and they will not fall out of the rubber track. When our studs are installed you will have unbeatable traction on any surface. Check out this blog for more information on our amazing product of the week: The ClawM VClaw!