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Our patented Traction Studs for Rubber and Steel Track Equipment are designed to provide improved stability in all directions, and increase traction and safety on thick ice, deep snow, wet mud, and compact or loose dirt. Our Studs Mud Bars, and Claws, are installed through the track, and provide ample traction for any rubber track machine.

Our company was founded by Brad Blackburn, a man with over 30 years of experience, and knowledge in the logging and construction industry. Using his knowledge of the industry, he noticed the high degree of danger caused by slipping and sliding on ice, mud and snow while using his machines, and being the innovator that he is. He began creating a product concept to help solve this industry wide problem. He started the product concept in 2014. Mr. Blackburn turned the concept into a prototype, and with the prototype came testing. After a year of testing and working on new innovative designs, the studs finished testing with outstanding results, and, after the design was patented, sales started to come in. ClawM studs are manufactured in a small city within Canada, and can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA.

The ClawM Traction Attachment System

Our variety of Studs allow the operator of a tracked vehicle to select the appropriate traction element to match the terrain conditions; compression Claws for ice/hard snow, gripping Bars for slush/mud or both for mixed conditions. Our Studs, Mud Bars, and Claws install through the track, making it "One with the track". This ensures the traction system will not damage the track by ripping free, and provide consistent traction when needed. The angled traction elements ensure sideways stability when navigating uneven or inclined terrains. Currently, our company offers 5 different types of studs to suit different terrains and climates (ice, mud, snow, dry loose dirt). All ClawM attachments are installed with a patented flange nut that ensures your Studs will stay in place on the rubber track. Additionally, all our sets will come with a patented ClawM driver attachment that was uniquely designed by ClawM for an exceptionally easy installation process of our studs.

Check out the ClawM rubber track attachment selection, on the "Product" page for more information, descriptions of the various products, and uses.