Why Use Our ClawM Traction Products?

Why Use Our ClawM Traction Products?

Improve traction and stability in all directions for your rubber track machine with ClawM's traction claws, bars, and studs. Manufactured in Canada, we ship anywhere in Canada or the USA!


ClawM (ClawM) in Kamloops, BC designs and manufactures traction products to prevent industrial machinery slippage on snow, ice, mud, gravel, and dirt. You name the conditions and our products, which are installed through the track, can increase safe and efficient operations AND save you money. We manufacture our Claws and Studs in Canada and ship them anywhere in Canada or USA.


ClawM’s patented Traction Studs for Rubber Track machines provide improved stability in all directions, and increase traction and safety on ice, snow, mud and gravel.


ClawM traction studs are a newly patented technology that gives added traction and safety to Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Track Loaders, and any other rubber track machinery. ClawM Studs, Bars and Claws, are attached completely through the rubber track system, making them "One with the track". The ClawM Carbide Claws and Studs are uniquely designed to remain in place and not damage the rubber track system on your equipment. Using our patented flange nuts, ClawM traction products will remain securely in place and give ample traction on ice and snow.


The Claws and Studs easily grip onto the road surface, providing your skid steer or track loader the leverage to keep moving, reduce slipping, and stop the track from spinning without traction. Our traction Stud attachments can increase the productivity of the rubber track machine, save you from stress and lost time, provide an additional degree of safety and traction for your machines and to decrease the greenhouse gas emitted by your machinery.


Our products are being used on all sorts of different worksites from logging/mulching sites to mining and construction sites. The Extreme Carbide Studs provide traction in unstable surface areas. Extreme Carbide studs provide exceptional traction when loggers are driving up and down steep areas and even when they need to drive over things like logs or piles of dirt and leaves. ClawM has received fabulous feedback from people working in the mulching industry who are using Extreme Carbide Studs.


The Carbide Studs and Extreme Carbide Studs are excellent at finding traction wherever you go - even in deep wooded areas with lots of slippery surfaces. Due to the amazing design of these attachments, they are very easy to install in any rubber track machine. Contact us for a quote on ClawM traction products and improve your company's safety, save money, increase production, and contribute positively to the environment.