Carbide Claw Traction Package

The Ultimate Traction Track

Track Size and Model
16" Rubber Track (Fits Kubota Loader SVL75)
18" Rubber Track (Fits CAT 299)
Rubber Track (Fits CAT Mini Excavator 305.5D CR)

Claw M is now selling fully assembled Carbide Claw and Carbide Stud Rubber tracks!
ClawM traction products assists your machinery with finding traction in any terrain; snow, mud, ice, steep grades, and uneven terrains. Our products are unlike the rest; they are attached through the rubber track and are securely fastened on both sides using the ClawM flange nut system. 
This package is convenient for the busy company who may not have the time to install the ClawM Studs themselves. Our company will take care of the hassle of installation for you. Simply give us your dimensions for your track and we will put together a quote for you. Shipping is available for anywhere in Canada and the USA.

A package set includes two new rubber tracks with a fully installed Carbide Claw set and a fully installed set of Carbide Studs. The ClawM attachments are installed on a new track of your choice by our professionals at ClawM and shipped to your business or home. We recommend that you contact us at 1 (250) 578-8780 or email our staff at for pricing and availability of track packages.

Quotes can be developed for all tracked machines.

studs on a rubber track in snow
ruber track and tire with clawM studs

Ultimate Traction Track

1: Ultimate Traction Track

ASV OEM Tracks

2: ASV OEM Track

Zig Zag Track

3: Zig Zag Track