5 Situations Where You Might Need Studs in Solid Rubber Tires

March 29th 2021

5 Situations Where You Might Need Studs in Solid Rubber Tires,

In times of need, innovation drives the development of bigger and better tools. ClawM is the go-to for turning workhorses into tanks with the production, manufacture, and installation of ultra-tough studs on anything with rubber wheels and tracks. Studs can be installed on skid steers, graders, forklifts, zoom booms, and more. The applications are endless for anyone involved in demolition, mill yards, snow plowing, construction, recycling and more can benefit from the added safety and traction. All studs are installed in a patented design that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the track or tire.

ClawM designed these studs with a purpose and gives us five situations where you might need studs in solid rubber tires.


Not only does ClawM install studs into solid rubber tires and tracks, but they also produce the tires to whatever size requested by the client from a US-based factory. With the make, model, and purpose of the machine, the track or tire, equipped with purpose-selected studs will ensure a perfect fit on your machine.


Whether you’re running skid steers, graders, forklifts, or zoom booms, all-terrain studs are available for installation on every pre-existing solid rubber tire or track. If you require specific sizes and wish for a newly produced tire or track, ClawM can have one made for you. Every stud is replaceable, easy to install on your own, and can be used multiple times.

Any Job

The extent of your usage of studs is any job site, whether it be for demolition, mill yards, snow plowing, construction, recycling plants, dumps, or simply a muddy hill. Studs are designed in a way to give the operator the traction they need in the most difficult or dangerous terrains.

Safety and Security

Solid rubber tires with installed studs provide unparalleled safety for the operator. With the studs installed, surfaces in which there might be slippage are no longer an issue as the studs grip the surfaces. Studs specific to certain terrains can also be combined with other studs for increased security on the job site.


Solid rubber tires are an investment in both time and safety. Rubber tires never go flat and mitigate downtime and help your bottom line by avoiding additional man-hours paid to fix a flat. Now, instead of spending time dealing with chains, dropping a tire, and replacing a flat, your operators are safer, and your costs of business over time will drastically decline.

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