Black Timber Energy Combats Winter with its Second Set of ClawM Skid Steer Tracks

December 9th 2019

Black Timber Energy Combats Winter with its Second Set of ClawM Skid Steer Tracks,

Bracing for a freezing, frigid and frosty winter with “copious amounts” of snow, rain, sleet and ice, according to the 2020 Farmers’ Almanac, many businesses are preparing early for extreme conditions and dangerous roads. Claw Manufacturing (ClawM) has become the answer for many companies – specifically those driving heavy duty vehicles – by providing a solution for slipping and sliding on ice, mud and snow on the job. The innovative, Canadian-made skid steer tracks and studs produced by ClawM allow operators of tracked vehicles to select the appropriate traction element to deal with current weather and ground conditions, reducing potential for slipping and sliding.

Winter Conditions in Valleyview Alberta

Black Timber Energy based in Valleyview, Alberta, was able to successfully navigate the northern city’s harsh winters, continuing their work removing and installing all types of fencing and mulching to clear the way for many of the pipelines in the area, using their first set of ClawM snow tracks for their skid steer. The cold winter conditions in the northern Alberta town, which is 115 kilometres east of Grand Prairie, typically challenge the fencing company’s winter operations with icy roads, low visibility and a high volume of collisions on one of the most dangerous highways in Alberta. So, the proven ability of their first set of ClawM tracks as the best skid steer tracks and studs for snow, convinced Black Timber to purchase a second pair to add to their winter vehicle armoury.

ClawM: The Best Skid Steer Tracks and Studs for Snow

Operators of tracked vehicles can combat a multitude of weather and terrains through the variety of studs manufactured by ClawM. By selecting the appropriate traction element to match the conditions, from compression Claws for ice/hard snow, gripping Bars for slush/mud to both compression claws and gripping bars for mixed conditions, operators can safely drive their machines throughout the year.

Unique to ClawM, their traction attachments – including studs, mud bars, and claws – attach directly through the tracks of your machine, essentially becoming one with the tracks. “This ensures the traction system will not damage the track by ripping free, and provide consistent traction when needed,” according to Brad Blackburn, founder of ClawM and logging/construction industry expert. “The angled traction elements ensure sideways stability when navigating uneven or inclined terrains.”

Offering five different types of studs to suit different terrains and climates from ice and snow to mud and dry loose dirt, all ClawM attachments are installed with a patented flange nut that ensures your studs will stay in place on the rubber track.

Add traction to your rubber and steel track machine this winter with the best skid steer tracks and studs to address any terrain with ClawM products. Based out of Kamloops, BC, ClawM ensures its products are of the highest quality by manufacturing each item within Canada. Get ready for icy winter roads and ensure your company operates in any weather. Get a quote for your ClawM tracks and studs today. ClawM products can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA.