Claw Manufacturing Is Looking for Distributors!

August 23rd 2019

Claw Manufacturing Is Looking for Distributors!,

As of October 2019, we are no longer seeking distributors. Thank you for your interest! Check out our blog to see what we've been up to lately in your area!

Claw Manufacturing is currently looking for distributors/retailers through out Canada and the United States to help get our traction attachments closer to our clients. Our shop and offices for manufacturing and installing our popular traction studs and claws is located in Kamloops, BC. As our products are becoming more well-known for giving skid steers, excavators, and more increased safety and traction in snow, ice, and other slippery environments, we want to make it easier for our clients to access our products!

Where in Canada We’re Looking for Distributors

We are looking for distributors in areas of Canada such as Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec as well as the Eastern provinces: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick. We currently have a retailer in Ontario in Maple Valley Sales and Service.

Where in the USA We’re Looking for Distributors

In the United States we are hoping to get a distributors and retailers in States such as Alaska, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Colorado and Missouri.

What We’re Looking For in a Distributor of ClawM Products

We are looking for someone who would be passionate about our product. They would assist in building a marketing strategy with Claw Manufacturing, be the link between Claw Manufacturing and the end user, respond quickly and efficiently to clients by making sure they know as much about the product as possible, answer questions about what tracks to use and what product is best for any particular application, and make sure installation is seamless.

ClawM Priorities and Training

Customer service is priority one for Claw Manufacturing. Along with knowledge of the product and installation we want a distributor/retailer with great customer service at time of sale and through installation.

We also place high value on our customers’ feedback on our products.

We would give the distributor/retailer training and insight into what products work best for which machines, tracks and applications.

Benefits to Your Business

Claw Manufacturing would like to give our clients peace of mind by ensuring that they are working with a distributor that has direct contact with the manufacturer. Having our products closer to the end user will benefit everyone! Our customer service will be faster, you will gain a great reputation by providing our products – and by being able to provide them quickly, and our customers will be confident that they have access to great ClawM products more easily than ever before!

If you are interested in being a distributor and are in any of the areas stated send us an email at for more information.