ClawM is Moving Forward with Steel Track Undercarriages and Steel Track Studs

April 25th 2019

ClawM is Moving Forward with Steel Track Undercarriages and Steel Track Studs,

Claw Manufacturing is a company in Kamloops, BC that designs and manufactures traction studs and claws for track machines like excavators. Our traction products can be shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada! With our extensive experience researching and creating traction attachments, you can trust that your machine will get more grip on the ground in rain, snow, mud, or ice. Recently, we have begun moving forward with selling steel track undercarriages for forestry, mining, construction, farming and landscaping.

We’re excited to be providing this product for your tracked machines! Although maintenance can extend the life of an undercarriage, over time it will need to be replaced. Now that we provide steel track undercarriages, you can get that and our traction products all in one place!

Our undercarriages include rails, pads, and rollers.

How Can a Steel Track Undercarriage Benefit my Machine?

A steel track undercarriage provides durability in abrasive working conditions, such as demolition or forestry. The extra weight increases the traction to provide more pushing force in earthmoving applications.

Despite this, if an undercarriage is not routinely inspected and maintained, it can easily cost you valuable time and money while potentially decreasing the track’s lifespan. Maintenance is the key! The undercarriages of tracked heavy equipment, such as crawler excavators, consist of many moving components that need to be maintained for them to function properly.

Steel Studs Can Be Pre-Installed

Clients who need traction improvements for their new undercarriages will be able to arrange having ClawM steel studs pre-installed. With this option, you can get right to work with your machine instead of needing to install the studs yourself.

Our steel track studs are great for any steel track machines that need that extra traction in the snow, mud, ice and gravel. Custom made to order here at ClawM, your new studs will have their length customized to suit the thickness of your metal tracks. We will ensure that the stud will be long enough to extend past your machine’s grousers, giving you the traction you will need.

Using these highly durable studs in slippery conditions can greatly increase the traction your machine. When they’re not necessary for your project, you can remove them easily, then re-install them again when you need them. We can assure you that not only will they be helpful for your project, but they will also be durable and long lasting.

Get ready for your next project in the mud, or prepare for slippery conditions next winter with a new steel track undercarriage and steel track studs from ClawM. Contact us to learn more, and check out our catalog of products available for all your steel and rubber tracked equipment!