ClawM Rubber Track Studs Increase Safety For Contractors

January 25th 2017

ClawM Rubber Track Studs Increase Safety For Contractors,

During winter, safety becomes a major focus. You want your employees to arrive home safe every night and you do everything in your power to accomplish that. Why not use our product as a gift for your employees, something that will improve their work lifestyle. ClawM rubber track steel attachments are proven to help your track machine get a high degree of traction on the ice and snow. Our vehicle traction products can be used to help your machines reduce spinning and allow the machine to go to the place it is needed.


A machine that slips and slides can be very dangerous to everyone in the area. Get the traction you need by installing our Carbide Studs for any gravel, dirt or snowy road where you need added traction. Our products dig deep into whatever surface you are operating on, and the carbide provides amazing grip. By installing two sets on your machine, you will ensure that every movement is precise and without mistakes. When two sets are installed, every lug of your machine will have an attachment and this will give you amazing traction for your rubber track equipment.


If you are doing some snow plowing on asphalt this season, we recommend the Asphalt Studs. The Asphalt Studs can give you amazing traction on ice and snow when you are plowing deep winter terrains and you need the grip to get the job done. A snow plow machine that gets stuck or spins is dangerous to all the people around you and just plain looks bad for your company. Use your time productively and add safety to everything you do.



Increase safety of operator (having your employees arrive safely home is of highest priority for any company). No one wants someone to have a workplace accident, which lose work and profitability for the company in the long run. Help keep your workers safe by installing our product on your rubber track machines.

Decrease liability for damaging your expensive machine. An investment of a couple hundred dollars could help prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your expensive equipment. why not protect your machine?

More productive use of time (can waste lots of time when you get stuck which means you waste customer time and company profit)

Less stress (getting stuck can be stressful when you are concentrating on finishing a job for a customer and moving on to the next one)

Creates indents in snow and mud for better traction for other vehicles to drive on (when you use our product on deep snow or mud, the product leaves ingrained indents which allow other vehicles to get traction on the surface.)


Snow plowing the roads, is very important to businesses and everyone working in the area. Make sure that your machine is as safe as possible with ClawM rubber track attachments. Click here to read our last blog about safety.

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