Finding The Right Traction

January 18th 2019

Finding The Right Traction,

Claw Manufacturing in Kamloops, BC manufactures traction studs for heavy equipment that can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA. At ClawM, we understand the difficult challenges of winter. Finding traction on ice and snow can be hard and sometimes dangerous. However, thanks to Claw M’s traction products for skid steers, loaders, forklifts, rubber track machines, and more, traction will not be something you need to worry about this winter.

Our Carbide Studs are proven to provide an advanced degree of safety and traction. You can get your work done faster and with lower costs (fuel and labor time) associated. The first few months of winter are always the worst due to the extreme cold winter temperatures in the morning, and warm temperatures during the day. The snow melts and then refreezes, leaving ice on the roads and thick, compact snow piles everywhere else.

Avoid Getting Snowed In

Adding the Carbide studs, Asphalt studs or Extreme Carbide studs to your skid steer and mini excavator machines will give you the peace of mind to know that when the snow hits this winter, you won’t be snowed in. Our attachments can be used throughout the winter months to give you the safety and traction you need. Don’t let winter hold you back from finishing your work.

Snow plowing is a very important business in Canada and in the Northern USA. Without snowplows and operators, entire communities would be snowed in this winter. A lot of discussion goes around regarding different methods of snow plowing and snow removal. ClawM believes that rubber track loaders and skid steers installed with ClawM Studs are a great option for snow and ice removal.

Increase in Rubber Tracked Equipment for Snow Removal

Rubber track loaders are a relatively new to snow removal, and have become more popular in the past 10 years. In 2015, the USA sales figures reported that rubber track machine sales were at 51.9% vs. 48.1 % for comparable wheeled loaders. Compare that statistic to 2010, which showed that wheeled sales made up 70.9%, with rubber tracks capturing only 29.1% of that market. The trend towards the use of rubber tracked, traction studded equipment for snow removal has continued since then.

ClawM knows that if you install our products this winter, you will not regret the amazing traction you will get from using them. Why not get rid of all the problems and install our product to get the ultimate traction for your rubber track skid steers and mini excavators? Make this winter the one in which your machines perform well in the ice and snow, and have the best safety and traction combined. Contact Us to find out more.