Installing Traction Studs on ASV Posi-Track Machines

January 18th 2021

Installing Traction Studs on ASV Posi-Track Machines,

At Claw Manufacturing, we’re always developing ways to increase traction on a broader spectrum of machines.  Whether that’s rubber skid steer tracks, steel tracks, rubber tires, or anything else – we want to create products that are built to last, safer for operation, and will work on any tracked machines. Recently we’ve been working to find a way to install our traction studs on ASV Posi-Tracks. We’ve succeeded, and now we can sell our studs pre-installed on ASV tracks.


ASV is a pioneer in the Compact Track Loader world. To design, engineer, and build machines that are the best, you can always expect a great product out of their shops. This is the case with their Posi-Track system – including the tracks themselves.


ASV tracks have high buoyancy and minimal ground disturbance design, with a Kevlar-reinforced core and multi-terrain tread pattern designed for maximum durability. For a while now, ClawM has worked on and overcome the challenges of installing our carbide and extreme carbide studs on ASV track machines.


To overcome the unique difficulties of installing traction attachments on this kind of track, we had to trim the inner lugs of the tracks.  This adjustment ensured that we had efficient rubber thickness to install our carbide and extreme carbide studs, while in turn making our studs one with the tracks.


Trimming the inner lugs where the drive rollers run will not affect the rollers, bogie wheels, or the studs. Having the studs go through this area will strengthen the drive roller lugs on the tracks making them have less give.


We are pleased with the results. Our traction studs have increased the strength of the original track as well as giving it more traction!


At Claw Manufacturing, we now offer a track package for our Carbide and Extreme studs in ASV Posi-Track machines. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote!


Additionally, if you have other machines that don't use the typical block-style rubber track, please let us know if you would like to see our products installed on those. As we see more demand for our attachments installed on different types of machines, we're more likely to put our effort into development for them!


As always, ClawM is a Canadian company, but we ship anywhere within Canada and the USA.