Metal Track Loader and Excavator Studs

July 19th 2017

Metal Track Loader and Excavator Studs,

The Carbide Studs for Metal tracks are a great option for anyone who needs better traction on slippery terrains when they are operating their metal track loader, dozer, log loader, feller buncher or excavator. These large heavy-duty studs can be custom made to suit your machine. At ClawM we can custom manufacture every stud to make sure they will fit your machine’s growser size. Weighing approximately 8lbs each, these studs were made to endure heavy duty wear. They are installed through the track of your machine and can not fall or tear out of your track. The studs will become one with the track and improve your traction on many different terrains. Mud, loose sandy dirt, gravel, snow, ice, or steep grades, will be no match for the machine that has these studs installed.
Steel Track

Just call our office with the proper measurements and we can help you find the perfect size of stud. Our bolt sizes range from 3/8” to 1-1/4” (10mm-32mm). Each stud will also have custom sized components to secure the stud to the track. Each stud is loaded with a thick amount of carbide on the end to ensure the best traction and durability when running them on your machine. ClawM welders use a special weld to make the carbide stay in place on the steel bolts. Carbide is two times stiffer and harder than steel and is the preferred choice for getting the best traction on any surface. Due to the extreme nature of work done by heavy duty machinery, the hardest traction material is chosen to endure the harsh terrains.

Steep slopes with sandy or rocky soils can be very dangerous for large machinery. Every bit of traction helps in these situations. A recent customer of ours is quoted saying “your studs can hold me and my machine on a steep slope where I used to slide downhill”. ClawM Studs can really help with your traction in many different conditions.

Working on the snow or ice, can be very dangerous and difficult if your machine can not get traction. You could find yourself slipping and sliding on slopes. The uncertainty of slipping and sliding is a huge danger for operators and is also hugely avoidable by installing ClawM Studs for better traction.

These studs are installed by using a MAG drill to create a hole slightly larger than the bolt size. The hole should be drilled according to our directions and should match the size of your growsers perfectly. The bolt is slipped through the hole with the large carbide bolt on the outside of the track. The stud is then secured using our included components. Once the studs are installed, your machine is ready to tackle the difficult jobs.

Our Carbide Metal Track Studs can be installed on many different makes and models of machinery. Cat, Kubota, JCB, Bobcat, John Deere, Case, Gehl, Volvo and many more!

Steel Tracks

Excavators, log loaders, feller buncher, dozers or any other type of machine with a metal track can have extra traction. Not sure if the product can be installed on your specific machine? Call our office to ask. Our trained professionals can help you quickly find the answers you’re looking for.