Plow Snow Uphill with Your Set of ClawM Skid Steer Traction Studs

February 12th 2021

Plow Snow Uphill with Your Set of ClawM Skid Steer Traction Studs,

With over 30 years of experience in the logging and construction industry, ClawM is proud to service the Kamloops, BC and surrounding with traction studs for rubber and skid steer track studs, which help skid steers plow more efficiently.

In our product line is a range of traction studs to suit whatever your needs are — particularly when it comes to plowing snow with more traction. 

Some of our traction products include: 

Asphalt studs: which are best used for improving your skid steers traction in the snow, and ice, on asphalt and concrete.
Carbide studs: are best for improving the traction of your rubber track machine in ice, snow, mud, gravel, and dry dirt conditions .
Extreme carbide studs: these help with traction for your rubber tracks in rugged terrain steep slopes covered in mud, ice, or snow.
Steel track studs: these studs assist with the traction of your steel track machinery in weather conditions such as snow, mud, ice, and gravel

ClawM’s patented traction studs for rubber track machines improve stability for all directions, while our traction products are designed to remain in place with our patented flange nuts. This will give you better traction in a range of weather conditions — from thick ice and deep snow to wet mud and compact or loose dirt.

Additionally, our products make a difference not only in traction and safety for operators but have helped reduce fuel consumption in equipment. For example, our carbide studs and extreme carbide studs reduce fuel so much that these machines only use a quarter of standard fuel consumption per day.

Our traction products have been used by everyone from the US Army and US Coast Guard to industries like mining, oil and gas, forestry, construction, fire restoration, landscaping and agriculture, which indicates just how widespread our reach is.

While our experience in the construction and logging industry spans 30 years, we have been selling tractions studs for over four years and we have the testimonials to back up how our products improve the ability to work in the winter months.

Don Bumpus, Marietta, GA, USA

Don Bumpus purchased the extreme studs from us back in 2017. He said the studs work well up the mountain ridge road and that it was comforting being able to climb up the ridge without slipping.

“I think I could climb a steeper incline, but I think the butterflies in my stomach would give out first,” he added.

Marcus Williams, Salmon, Idaho, USA

Located in Idaho, Marcus Williams said he has tried lots of studs and, as a general contractor, goes up steep and icy roads to get to a project.

“When I put your Carbide Studs on my track machine, I was able to plow uphill,” he said in his testimonial.

In summary

ASV OEM Carbide StudsThose are not the only testimonials that have been pleased with our snow tracks for skid steer. For example, Beau Jackson from Jackson County Construction purchased from us in 2017 and said in his testimonial that he uses a Bobcat T190 Skidsteer to plow snow in the winter. He purchased a set of the carbide Studs and that he has experienced an increase in productivity, which improved the vibration.

You can read more testimonials of our products and if you’d like to learn more about our skid steer track studs, you can find a full list of them on our studs page.

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