Reducing The Carbon Footprint in the Mining and Logging Industries

October 11th 2018

Reducing The Carbon Footprint in the Mining and Logging Industries,

Claw Manufacturing (ClawM) in Kamloops, BC works hard to provide added traction and safety to your equipment. To address industry-wide safety problems of heavy equipment slippage on ice, snow and mud, ClawM owner Brad Blackburn innovated Carbide Traction Studs for Rubber Track Equipment. ClawM Carbide studs are designed to provide improved stability in all directions, and increase traction and safety on thick ice, deep snow, wet mud, and compact or loose dirt.

Contributing to Operator Safety and Reduced Fuel Consumption in Equipment

Since 2015, Claw M Carbide Studs have not only been making a significant difference in safety for operators, but also contributing to reduced fuel consumption in equipment. There are not too many ways to reduce the carbon footprint in the mining and logging industries in Canada and the USA, and we are thrilled to report that field trials have shown a difference in fuel consumption between machinery rigged with our carbide studs compared to those with no studs!

Mining and logging today use huge heavy-duty pieces of equipment that need a whole lot of horsepower. We’re talking up to 4000 HP to haul up to 400 tons of payload at a time, on a Cat 797F Mining truck, for example! This much power requires a substantial amount of fuel. For now, let’s look at some smaller pieces of equipment than that!

Claw Manufacturing has a solution to improve safety and reduce the carbon footprint in the Mining and Logging Industries with our “Carbide Studs” and “Extreme Carbide Studs”

ClawM Traction Studs Decrease Fuel Consumption and Operating Costs While Increasing Safety

• Our “Carbide Studs” and “Extreme Carbide Studs” on smaller rubber track and solid rubber-tired machines allow these machines to use a quarter of the consumption of fuel in a day.

Installing our “Carbide Studs” and “Extreme Carbide Studs” on a grader for snow removal will make your operating costs significantly lower.

• Using “Carbide Studs” and “Extreme Carbide Studs” on rubber track skid steers and solid rubber tires will improve safety by giving these pieces of equipment the traction they need.

Get our Carbide Studs in Solid Rubber Tires Too!

ClawM has developed Solid Rubber Studded Traction Tires with our “Carbide Studs” installed for skid steers and graders. These tires are extremely durable and have amazing traction on difficult terrain. Using our solid rubber grader and skid steer tires will reduce the cost of changing tires, flat tires and will give the grader and skid steers the traction they need. Claw Manufacturing’s studded tires can be replaced with new studs over and over.

Learn More about our Carbide Studs

To learn more about how ClawM “Carbide Studs” can improve the safety of your operations and to reduce the overall carbon footprint in resource extraction industries that typically have a high carbon output, check out our photo gallery, videos and our educational ClawM blog.

ClawM Studs are making a big difference across many industries. They’re easy to install, and can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA. Our Company would love to hear from you and to talk about how you can both improve the safety of your operations and reduce your carbon footprint! We invite any questions regarding pricing, shipping options, or installation.