2-inch Carbide Claw

December 17th 2018

2-inch Carbide Claw,

This larger Claw, is very similar to the Original claw stud but is longer and should only be installed on larger rubber tracked excavators. When this product is installed, your machine will have excellent traction on ice, mud, and snow.

  • One Mud T Claw stud package includes:
  • 120 - 2" Carbide Claws
  • 240 - Flange nuts
  • 1 - ClawM Driver
  • 1 - Drill bit
  • 1 - Template
  • 1 - Installation instructions bookelet
  • One set will cover both tracks, every second lug and on both sides. Purchase a second set to cover every lug on the track for maximum traction and stability. Please contact us for product pricing.
NOTE: This Product is to be purchased with a Track Package only.