Asphalt Studs

December 17th 2018

Asphalt Studs,

Claw Manufacturing's Asphalt Studs give you security and safety while running your machine on asphalt applications (we cannot guarantee the Asphalt stud will not scratch the asphalt) and can be installed on any rubber tracked machine such as Skid Steers, Track Loaders, or Mini Excavators. The Asphalt Studs can be used on the pavement as well as snow or ice and then during the summer, exchange the Asphalt Studs with the Carbide Studs for wonderful traction in mud, dirt and gravel.

An amazing feature of the ClawM Snow & Ice Asphalt Studs, is that they can be adjusted and reused 2-3 times! Keeping traction for your rubber track equipment just got easier. Once the Asphalt Stud gets worn down, simply use the patented ClawM Driver to loosen the Flange Nut on the inside of the track a quarter of an inch, then on the other side of the stud use the ClawM Driver to tighten the head to the track. This will cause the interior carbide to pop out of the top. This new design will help you get multiple uses from this snow and ice traction stud. Please contact us for product pricing.

  • One Asphalt Stud package includes:
  • 120 - Asphalt Studs
  • 120 - Flange nuts
  • 1 - ClawM Driver
  • 1 - Drill bit
  • 1 - Installation instructions
  • One set will cover both tracks, every second lug and on both sides. Purchase a second set to cover every lug on the track for maximum traction and stability.