Carbide V Claw

December 17th 2018

Carbide V Claw,

The ClawM Carbide V Claw stud provides the best degree of traction with the easiest installation out of all the Claw rubber track traction attachments. The Carbide V Claw is installed horizontally across the track, but due to the triangular V shape, will still provide strong sideways traction. This package set is great for use in rough winter conditions which include deep snow, slush and thick ice. A secondary feature of this rubber track traction attachment package set is that the V Claws will chip away at any ice on the road surface, which creates grooves and indents. These indents are proven to help increase the road surface traction for any trucks or machines working on the road.

  • One Carbide V Claws stud package includes:
  • 120 - Carbide V Claws
  • 240 - Flange nuts
  • 1 - ClawM Driver
  • 1 - Drill bit
  • 1 - Drill Template
  • 1 - Installation instructions booklet
  • One set will cover both tracks, every second lug and on both sides. Purchase a second set to cover every lug on the track for maximum traction and stability. Please contact us for product pricing.
NOTE: This Product is to be purchased with a Track Package only.