Solid Rubber Studded Traction Tires

December 17th 2018

Solid Rubber Studded Traction Tires,

ClawM has developed a new studded solid rubber tire! Our traction tires will increase traction and safety on wheeled machines. They are very useful on machines like front end loaders, forklifts, zoom booms, irrigation pivots, and many more pieces of equipment. These extremely durable tires can be used on any terrain and have amazing traction on difficult terrains like mud, ice, loose soil, gravel, logs, sand, steep grades, and slick surfaces. Like with all of our claw and stud products, you can expect that the traction studs will not fall out. With all the benefits of solid rubber tires plus the added help of great traction studs, these tires will be a great asset. Please contact us for product pricing.