Traction Bars and Carbide Claws for Rubber Tracks

Claw Manufacturing (ClawM) in Kamloops, BC has been working hard to provide equipment operators throughout Canada and the USA with superior traction products for use in all conditions. Our Traction Bars and Carbide Claws are custom built specifically for your machinery to allow you to dig into heavy mud, compact snow, and other harsh surface conditions.

Not only will the Traction Bars and Carbide Claws give your equipment leverage to keep going, they will also leave indents and grooves on the compacted surface to create traction for other trucks and machines.

• These Products are to be purchased with a Track Package only.

Because ClawM Traction Bars and Carbide Claws are Custom Products and pre installed on our tracks, we will need ample time to manufacture before shipping the product.

  • • Mud Bars and Mud T Bars come with the choice of either our Carbide Studs, or Extreme Carbide Studs.



ClawM Traction Bars:

Mud Bars

Mud Bar

Mud T Bars

 Mud T Bar

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ClawM Carbide Claws:


1 1/4" Carbide Claw

1/4 inch Carbide Claw 

 Carbide V Claw

Carbide V Claw