Equipment Owner/Operator Experienced in Excavating and Snow Removal

Our company is also offering our services as a professional excavation & snow removal company. Our employees have over 20 years of heavy equipment experience operating heavy machinery such as: Excavators, Faller Bunchers, Bulldozer, Skidder, Rock Truck, Dump Truck, Low Bed, Logging Truck, and Bobcats.

In the past we have done ground excavation and snow removal work on The Peak, Crystal Forest and Snow Creek Village, Ledcorp and the Sun Peaks Resort.
Some of the other work that we have done includes: Installation of bridges, rock hauling, road building installation of culverts, road deactivation and installation and removal of bridges. All our machines have ClawM traction attachments installed; we are looking forward to testing them out in all circumstances. 
Our compay currently has a CAT 299, and a Kubota 75SVL in our possesion and we are ready to take them out and put them to work for you!
Also in our possesion is a mini excavator which can be very helpful in many situations. Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

Our employees are professional, responsible and always keep the safety of themselves and others in mind. Contact us to inquire of our equipment or for service quotes. You can reach us using any of the methods described on the "Contact" page.