The founder of ClawM Carbide Claw, Brad Blackburn, applied his 30 years of experience and knowledge in logging and construction toward innovating and patenting a solution to equipment slippage on ice, snow and mud: ClawM Rubber and Steel Track Traction Products which are setting an industry standard in safety.

In the past, Claw M has done ground excavation and snow removal work on The Peak, Crystal Forest and Snow Creek Village, Ledcorp and the Sun Peaks Resort. Some of their other projects included: Installation of bridges, rock hauling, road building installation of culverts, road deactivation and installation, and removal of bridges.

Some of the heavy machinery Brad Blackburn and his crew have operated include excavators, feller bunchers, bulldozers, skidders, rock trucks, dump trucks, low beds, logging trucks, and bobcats. In operating equipment, he became aware of the high degree of danger caused by slipping and sliding on the ground surface.

With a natural inclination to make work conditions safer and more efficient for his crew, Mr. Blackburn put on his “innovator” cap in 2014 and began creating a product concept to help solve this industry wide problem. He turned the concept into a prototype, and with the prototype came testing.

After a year of testing and working on new innovative designs, the studs finished testing with outstanding results, and, after the design was patented, sales started to come in. ClawM studs are manufactured in a small city in western Canada, and can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA. Please Contact Us to find out more about our traction products. We would be happy to give you a quote!