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Claw M is a Kamloops-based business founded by Brad Blackburn. With over 30 years of experience in the construction and logging industry, Brad used his knowledge obtained over the years to create a product to combat the high degree of danger produced by weather and the unpredictable outdoor environments. This is how traction studs, steel track equipment, stud mud bars, claws and beyond came to be. These products are fabricated to ensure the best traction on mud, snow, ice and loose dirt. With Claw M traction products, you get traction like no other, when and where you need it.


Our traction attachments are uniquely designed to remain in place by using our patented flange nuts. The Claw M flange nut, which has a washer-like base to distribute pressure over a greater surface area, was designed for the use of securing the carbide claws and studs onto the rubber tracks which gives ample traction on thick ice, mud, deep snow & loose dirt. The composition of this product is designed to ensure that the studs and claws will not become dislodged, ripped or torn out of the rubber track making it “one with the track”.


The Claw M driver is a small custom-made piece that was exclusively designed for the installation of the Claw M flange nuts. Our patented driver comes with every traction attachment set to ensure that installation goes without a hitch ensuring the best result of your installation saving time and expense.


Safety while operating any machinery is vital. Claw M offers a wide range of traction attachments and products for all types and sizes of industrial machinery. With your machinery being equipped with advanced and rigorously long-term tested products, you can count on increased equipment safety in addition to maximizing productivity and fuel efficiency in any working condition by improving stability in all directions.


Claw M supplies their Canadian-made traction attachments to not only the local customers in the Kamloops area but also supplies and ships to customers across Northern America and the United States making practically anyone’s traction requirements an actuality with little effort. A ‘must-have’ for safety on the worksite.

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