Studded Solid Rubber Tire

August 23rd 2017

Watch this video to see how easily the solid rubber tires get traction on dry dirt. The solid rubber tires can be run on any surface without worrying about popping the tire. These tires are made with solid rubber and do not contain any air tubes to pop a hole in. these tires are flat proof. Additionally, these tires have ClawM studs installed which provide great traction on any surface. Mud, snow ice and loose gravel are no match for these studs. They can find grip anywhere you go. We recommend using the Asphalt Studs for snow plowing during the winter; Asphalt Studs are smaller and less aggressive than any other ClawM stud, and will be less aggressive on paved surfaces. ClawM T Mud Bars are recommended for any muddy or sticky terrains where the machine might need very aggressive traction on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, we recommend the Extreme Studs for any heavily aggressive applications which will not be done on paved surfaces. ClawM Heavily aggressive studs should not be run on paved surfaces, as they may lead to scratching and damages to the pavement; this is why we recommend our Asphalt Studs for these types of applications.