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Studs for Improved Traction

Direct from the Factory

Do you want to get extra traction for your machines? Studs provide you with control, efficiency, and safety. ClawM offers various stud packages to improve traction for rubber tracks and steel tracks machines. Our solid studs are easy to install with varying depths and lengths to ensure you experience ultimate traction on ice, snow, mud, and gravel. 


ClawM’s traction studs offer advanced traction to excavators, skid steers, track loaders and other types of rubber-tracked machinery. Our studs, mud bars, and claws completely attach through the rubber tracks of equipment, allowing them to remain in place. You can choose from a range of studs to suit the specific needs of your machinery and the presenting surface conditions.


Check out our test hole guide & recommendations page to ensure your tracks are compatible with our studs. 



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"Product works! No more slipping and sliding. The company owner is more than helpful and willing to work with you."

Gibby C.

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