Extreme Studs Testimonial,

Extreme Studs Testimonial
March 9th 2018

I am extremely happy and impressed with the Extreme studs we bought from you guys! Easy to install and it keeps us working in very difficult conditions! Wonderful product!
Extreme Studs Customer Testimonial,

Extreme Studs Customer Testimonial
August 30th 2017

This customer purchased two sets of our Extreme Studs, and has given us such a great review. Click here to see a portion of our conversation.
MW Construction Inc. Testimonial,

MW Construction Inc. Testimonial
February 8th 2017

Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I have tried lots of other studs. Nothing compared to yours. I'm a general contractor and we have a very steep and icy road up to the project....
Jackson County Construction LTD. Testimonial,

Jackson County Construction LTD. Testimonial
January 25th 2017

I have a Bobcat T190 Skidsteer I use to plow snow with in the winter. I wanted to add a little more traction to help with productivity. I researched a few different products online for some time but was not convinced the products had my tracks longevity in mind. When I came across Claw M's website, the only concern, that I had with their product, was the durability. So I purchased a set of Carbide Studs and installed them myself.. . .
Sugarloaf Ranches LTD. Testimonial,

Sugarloaf Ranches LTD. Testimonial
May 27th 2016

We have been using the Carbide Claw by Claw M for over 350 hours on our Cat 305.5 mini excavator. We use our machine for ranch work but also brush clearing, irrigation ditching, some demo work, fencing and we work a small gravel pit on the property. . .
Blackburn Trucking Testimonial,

Blackburn Trucking Testimonial
May 25th 2015

I have worked in the construction and logging industry for over 30 years. I am a heavy-duty machine operator and after trying to deal with poor traction on some of my machines, I decided to do something about it. I also happen to be a welder, who is a very out of the box thinker. I designed and patented some new studs. They are unlike anything else on the market; I know because I’ve tried all the others. My products are installed completely through the track; ensuring that they don’t fall or tear out of the rubber track lug. The products are very easy to install and extremely durable. If you need traction for your machine to go up high grade slopes, or working your machine on mud, ice, and snow and need help to stop slipping and sliding; then my product is what you need.