Jackson County Construction LTD - Peachland BC - Carbide Studs

January 25th 2017

Jackson County Construction LTD - Peachland BC - Carbide Studs,

Claw Manufacturing, a service provider for manufacturing and installation of carbide traction studs for skidsteers, has recently received a testimonial for our traction stud for a client in Peachland BC.

The client, Jackson County Construction, is owned by Beau Jackson – who regularly plows snow in the winter using his Bobcat T190 skidsteer. Desiring productivity, Beau reached out to ClawM after researching a few products online and finding he was dissatisfied with most of what he found. His concern was that longevity for the studs and his rubber tracks did not seem to be the main concern of other providers.

After he came across ClawM, he purchased a set of Carbide Studs and has put a ton of hours on them so far. He has been greatly surprised at their durability and the life they have left in them after using them so far. He seems very satisfied with the product.

“So I purchased a set of Carbide Studs and installed them myself. I have put just over 200 hours (so far) on the studs and the wear has been slower than anticipated. There is still lots of life left in them. The Increase in productivity has been greatly improved and the vibration I thought it would produce has been minimal. Good product, and good service. Thanks ClawM!”

ClawM’s product line revolves around traction products for various pieces of equipment. Their premier product, the Ultimate Traction Track package, includes two rubber tracks with an installed Carbide Stud set. Since these Carbide “Claw” studs add traction on larger excavators, it can be expected that the track will continue to hold even in icy, slushy, muddy, and graveled terrains for smaller machines like a skid steer. With the focus of the operator shifted from traction to the job at hand, you can expect a productivity increase – just like Jackson County Construction’s experience.

The products are attached through the tracks and fastened to both sides using ClawM’s patented flange nut system, ensuring the studs will never come loose. They provide all the service and installation and can generate a quote with only the dimensions of the track. ClawM has a wide product range all designed with track longevity and stability in mind. The goal? To return more control to the machine’s operator.

If you don’t need the ultimate package, ClawM has several product lines such as the Extreme Carbide or Asphalt studs. ClawM also has solid rubber studded studs for asphalt work, or there are the solid steel studs for use in the snow, mud, gravel and ice.

ClawM’s products put control of traction and stability back into the hands of the operator by allowing them to pick the best stud for the job. Keep in mind your track will be safe from being damaged by the traction system because of the patented flange nut and installing the studs through the rubber track.

If you're in Peachland looking for traction studs for your skidsteer check out our carbide studs and contact us today!