Jackson County Construction LTD. Testimonial

January 25th 2017

Jackson County Construction LTD. Testimonial,

I have a Bobcat T190 Skidsteer I use to plow snow with in the winter. I wanted to add a little more traction to help with productivity. I researched a few different products online for some time but was not convinced the products had my tracks longevity in mind.
When I came across Claw M's website, the only concern, that I had with their product, was the durability. So I purchased a set of Carbide Studs and installed them myself. I have put just over 200 hours (so far) on the studs and the wear has been slower than anticipated. There is still lots of life left in them. The Increase in productivity has been greatly improved and the vibration I thought it would produce has been minimal.

Good product, and good service. Thanks ClawM!


Beau Jackson
Jackson County Construction
Peachland, British Columbia, Canada