Jeff Collins. Testimonial

January 31st 2019

Jeff Collins. Testimonial,

Hi Brad and Brenda,

Been meaning to send you an update on Wall-e the Cat 299D and his studs. I've attached a few pictures...

Pictures 001 and 002 are the before and after pictures. The tracks had about 850 hours at the time of installation. Once I had the studs installed I ran them for a couple of hours plowing our 25-30 degree slope driveway with no problems encountered... even plowing up the grade. I then re lifted Wall-e off the ground... re-torqued the flange nuts and locked them all down with grade 8 lock nuts. Once locked I cut the extra thread off the studs... about 1/4 inch cut and 1/4 inch left outside the lock nuts.

Picture 003 was my "view from the office" on a job recently. Just to get Wall-e to where he is sitting involved climbing an approximately 45-50 degree slope. The home in the forefront of the picture is actually a two story house. If you look closely at the photo you will see my truck and trailer... they are parked on the grade of the first floor.

On the far right of picture 004 is a skid trail that goes down the hill approximately 45-50 degrees. Wall-e went up and down that slope several times with no slipping at all. The ground was covered by about six inches of snow and 3 inches of frozen ground underneath that.

The remaining two photos are of snow I plowed off the job site and then the top soil I was able to remove before hitting frozen hard pan.

Bottom line... I could not be more pleased with the carbide studs. Having seen how they perform I think it is unlikely I will ever run without studs again. I am already considering purchasing my next set of tracks from you with the carbide studs already installed.

Blessings from Virginia.

thank you,
Jeff Collins