Jeff Collins - Virginia

January 31st 2019

Jeff Collins - Virginia,

Whether you’re a farmer, or a long-time driver of industrial equipment in mining or logging, or even a mom-and-pop shop snow clearing business making your way in this world, ClamM Manufacturing can get your tracks the efficiency and traction you need. Industrial equipment must have the proper traction to get the job done, but most especially if you are ploughing snow on the icy roads throughout Virginia. When there is an average of 52 inches of snowfall a year and a history of blizzards, that is a whole heap of a lot of snow, and therefore ploughing to be done. For those doing the ploughing, you know you need the right skid steer track studs.

Snow, upon the snow, upon the snow, gets ploughed, compacted, and then ploughed again. This repetition for months means roads get icy and for a state like Virginia, where there are so many mountainous regions, you will need traction on steep grades. The general populace just expects the snowploughs to get it done. Jeff Collins was one such driver who recently updated us about his purchase of our carbide studs for his Wall-e the CAT 299D.

“Once I had the studs installed, I ran them for a couple of hours ploughing our 25-30-degree slope driveway with no problems encountered... even ploughing up the grade.”

Manoeuvring in the snow is no easy feat. You must have the right skid steer snow tracks. Jeff was more than impressed with his ability to get the job done even in adverse conditions. He and his Wall-e were on a hill with a grade of about 45-50 degrees.

“Wall-e went up and down that slope several times with no slipping at all. The ground was covered by about six inches of snow and 3 inches of the frozen ground underneath that.”

ClawM knows there are a variety of needs out there for studs or even track packages with studs already installed. Want easy installation and added traction for icy, slushy, muddy or gravel terrains? Our carbide studs are exactly what you need as Jeff attests:

“Bottom line... I could not be more pleased with the carbide studs. Having seen how they perform I think it is unlikely I will ever run without studs again. I am already considering purchasing my next set of tracks from you with the carbide studs already installed.”

Know that you need the traction for snow and ice track for skid steers but do not want to install yourself? We have excellent rubber track packages with our Extreme, Carbide or Asphalt studs fully installed and shipped directly to your business or home anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada, we here at ClamM Manufacturing aim to please and want to ensure you can safely get the job done, despite whatever mother nature might throw out in a temper tantrum. Our company was founded by Brad Blackburn whose firsthand knowledge of more than 30 years in the logging and construction industry means he walks the talk. Do not wait for the next show, call today!