Jonathan Field Testimonial - Pinantan Lake

March 27th 2019

Jonathan Field Testimonial - Pinantan Lake,

Based in Kamloops, BC ClawM is a provider of traction attachments for skid steer track loaders in Pinantan Lake.

Located roughly 20 minutes outside of Kamloops, Pinantan Lake has an elevation of 878 metres, which means it is prone to more snow and begins to ice over by November. Because of this, snow plowing in the region can go on for months due to the amount of snow it receives. Although skid steers work well for plowing snow, sometimes they need extra traction to get the job done.

Jonathan Field from Pinantan Lake uses a skid steer to plow snow in the area but struggled in icy conditions before getting in touch with ClawM. Jonathan purchased from us a set of the Ultimate Traction Track for his Bobcat T650, which has improved the traction with these studs beyond his expectations and made plowing heavy snow much easier. Here’s what Jonathan had to say about our product:

“I purchased a set of the Ultimate Traction tracks for my Bobcat T 650 and I am so pleased with how well they preformed. I love the track machine but have struggled with it in the past clearing snow and working in icy conditions. The traction I have with these studs installed was beyond my expectation. They made ploughing heavy snow a breeze. These tracks way out performed my tire machine Bobcat with chains. The service at Claw M is top notch and I would highly recommend this product and company.”

ClawM has a range of rubber and steel traction products to suit your needs, including the Ultimate Traction Track package. The set includes two rubber tracks with an installed Carbide Claw set and a set of Carbide Suds. The Carbide Claw set adds traction on larger rubber tracked excavators while the Carbide Suds boost traction of rubber track machines in ice, slush, mud, gravel and dry dirt terrains.

Our traction products help your machinery find traction in any type of weather condition: snow, mud, ice, steep grades and uneven terrains. The products are attached through the rubber track and are then are fastened on both sides, using the ClawM flange nut system.

For installations, we take care of that for you. All you have to do is give us the dimensions of your track and we’ll give you a quote. Package sets include the Extreme Carbide or Asphalt Studs installed onto two new rubber tracks of your choice.

Other products in ClawM’s pipeline include: asphalt studs to improve skid steer and rubber track traction in snow, ice and asphalt; solid rubber studded traction tires to improve traction in a front end loader, forklift, zoom boom and irrigation pivot, among others; and steel track studs to boost traction in snow, mud, ice and gravel.

ClawM’s products allow the operator of a fully tracked vehicle the ability to choose a traction element to match the terrain conditions. Our Studs, Mud Bars and Claws are installed through the track to ensure the traction system will not damage the track by ripping loose and provides consistent traction as needed. All of our products are installed with a patented flange nut to make sure the Studs will stay in place on the rubber track. 

As Jonathan notes, he said the tracks we installed for him outperformed his tire machine Bobcat with chain. 

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