Steve Bagby - Waynesville, North Carolina - Extreme Studs

March 9th 2018

Steve Bagby - Waynesville, North Carolina - Extreme Studs,

ClawM, founded by Brad Blackburn, created products to battle the environmental hazards of running equipment in poor weather conditions as well as with the dangers of operating equipment on compact & loose dirt along with mud terrain.


With over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, Brad started developing products that would make it safer to operate machinery in variable weather conditions while also protecting the machinery from unnecessary wear and tear.


ClawM has designed traction attachments for a vast range of machines such as excavators, track loaders and skid steers. They provide skid steer traction studs to clients in areas such as Waynesville North Carolina where the winter weather conditions can be challenging at best, especially when operating tracked machinery.


Waynesville’s winter weather conditions can range from -20°F to 15° with polar vortex “cold blasts” that can drop temperatures to extreme lows. It also accumulates heavy snow due to being at an elevation of 2,752 feet.


With freezing temperature fluctuations above and below 0°F, often within the same day, undesirable terrain on public roads and construction zones is likely. In these conditions, extra traction is crucial to get the work done, keep machinery operators safe and enable operators to complete the job efficiently and effectively.


Steve Bagby, a resident of Waynesville North Carolina, is quite familiar with the environmental factors within N.C and understands the difficulties that poor weather conditions can have while operating equipment in such conditions. This being the reason why Steve purchased two sets of ClawM Extreme Studs, which he installed himself on his skid steer tracks in 2018.


Steve goes on to state: “I am extremely happy and impressed with the Extreme studs we bought from you guys! Easy to install and it keeps us working in very difficult conditions! Wonderful product!”


The Extreme Carbide Studs, designed by ClawM, are easy to install and are for use on extremely rugged terrain. They have an extra-long head and an additional coating of carbide which adds significantly more traction when needing to combat steep inclines in snow, ice and mud.


The Extreme Carbide Studs kit comes with the ClawM Driver and ClawM Flange Nuts which make installation flawless and time-effective.


The patented ClawM Driver is a custom-made device that was exclusively created for installing the ClawM Flange nut.


Safety is everyone's business. Installing skid steer traction studs on your machine will undoubtedly save you time by helping you accomplish your job promptly and safely in slippery and unstable terrain.


ClawM products are made in Canada and are shipped to all parts of Canada and the USA. Read more about our products, then get in touch for a quote or to ask questions!