Sugarloaf Ranches LTD. Testimonial

May 27th 2016

Sugarloaf Ranches LTD. Testimonial,

To whom it may concern,

We have been using the Carbide Claw by Claw M for over 350 hours on our Cat 305.5 mini excavator. After all those hours we have only had minimal replacement issues and greatly notice an increase in track performance. We use our machine for ranch work but also brush clearing, irrigation ditching, some demo work, fencing and we work a small gravel pit on the property. Through our varied use of the machine the Claw has made a noticeable difference from any other rubber tracked unit I've operated and surpasses the stability of our older neighbours 60 Deere I operate frequently for him without the Claw.

I've personally ran excavators of sizes up to 450 Deere and as small as a Cat 303. The only excavator with rubber tracks I've ran as easily as a metal track was ours with the Carbide Claw. The Claws made a noticeable difference in all terrains from ice to wet conditions and especially on hard packed dirt where we operate mostly. The stability increased greatly on slopes and climbing up steep inclines both in the bush and around our irrigation ditches.

I've been working with the owner on the small replacement issue and he's been very dedicated in making this product better. Dealing with the owner has been easy and effective. Honestly from the first version we had fully installed we have had a very little issue but do see the new models as having some very innovative improvements. I'm particularly happy about the new flange nut as it stops the issue of rocks bending the first generation standard nut that was used.

All in all the difference in track performance is worth the small cost of adding the Claw to your equipment. The extra safety the stability gives in areas that are low traction is worth it alone. With safety a priority I can trust an operator with less experience will have greater stability than without the Claw. From pushing to digging hard pack ground the difference is easily noticeable.
I'm not one to easily promote things but the difference these Claws made for us is substantial enough for me to fully stand behind this product.

I will be replacing these Claws on our next set of tracks with the new model just to have a full set with flanged nuts and will be keeping in contact with Claw M to see what other new items they come out with. From the product to the service they have impressed us greatly.

Thank you for your time,

Will Ciancone
Ranch manager
Sugarloaf Ranches LTD.
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada