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Factory Direct Track Packages 

Are you short on time and need new tracks? At ClawM, we offer custom rubber tracks that are fully installed with traction attachments of your choice, including carbide studs, extreme carbide studs, 2” carbide claws, mud bar with carbide studs, and mud bar with extreme carbide studs. Our track packages in Kamloops allow your machinery to find traction in any environmental condition, like snow, steep grades, ice, and uneven terrains. Unlike other traction products, our products are attached with a rubber track and safely fastened on both sides using our secure flange nut system.


If you are a busy company and do not have time to install the studs on your own, do not worry! Simply share the dimensions with us, and we will provide you with an estimate. We can develop quotes for all tracked machines. You can also trust us to offer shipping services across Canada and the USA.


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*The Following are Only Available as Fully-installed Track Packages. Click for More Details.

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Our customer's studs were worn and needed to be replaced after only 1,800 hours.


Like a new pair of shoes! Better fuel efficiency and traction to get the job done.



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The ClawM Carbide Claw

For more information about our track packages and carbide claw, call us.

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