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The biggest question we get is “What tracks do you recommend?” 

Our custom Track Packages allow you to get the right tracks for your machine. Our experts will guide you through selecting the best track package for your equipment and terrain. Our custom track packages come with pre-installed studs. 


Otherwise, the recommended tracks for our studs are the staggered block tracks. The reason for this is, there is a metal structural plate that runs on each side of the block. This will allow you to install the studs in the center of the block without hitting the metal structural plate. See images below.

Please use the eform below to upload an image of your tracks and we will let know if they are compatible with our traction attachments.

Test Hole Guide

Want to ensure compatibility? Use this as a reference for test hole placement. This will help ensure our studs are compatible with your track.

This guide demonstrates proper hole placement, so you only drill through the rubber, and avoid the metal structural plate.

Please see some commonly asked questions below, or reach out anytime, we’d love to hear from you. 



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Upload an Image (this will help us ensure your tracks are compatible with our products)



Quality Products

“I purchased a set of the Ultimate Traction tracks for my Bobcat T 650 and I am so pleased with how well they performed. I love the track machine but have struggled with it in the past clearing snow and working in icy conditions. The traction I have with these studs installed was beyond my expectation. They made plowing heavy snow a breeze. These tracks way out-performed my tire machine Bobcat with chains. The service at Claw M is top-notch and I would highly recommend this product and company.”

Jonathan F.

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