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Our Traction Products for Rubber and Steel Track Equipment provide improved stability in all directions, and increase traction and safety on ice, deep snow, mud and slush. Claw Manufacturing's Traction Attachments are a newly patented technology that increases traction and safety to Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Track Loaders, and many other tracked machinery. Our Studs, Mud Bars and Claws, attach completely through the rubber track system, making them "One with the track".  Using our patented flange nuts, Claw Manufacturing's Traction Products will remain securely in place, and give ample traction on ice, snow, and other rough terrains. The Studs, Mud Bars, and Claws, easily grip onto the roads surface, providing your skidsteer or track loader (CTL) the leverage to keep moving, reduce slipping, and stop the track from spinning without traction. Our Traction Attachments can increase the productivity of  your machine, save time, decrease stress, provide an additional degree of safety to the operator, and decrease the greenhouse gas emitted by your machinery. Our Studs, Mud Bars, and Claws, are manufactured in Canada and can be shipped anywhere in Canada or USA. Contact us today for a quote

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