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All Season Traction Studs


Recommended tracks for Claw Manufacturing Ltd’s

Traction Products are:


Block style tracks and multi bar tracks must be 320mm, 400mm or 450mm.

 Zig Zag, “H” and “C” pattern tracks must be 400mm or 450mm.

High-quality Traction Products for Year Round Use

ClawM is a company based in Canada and we deliver high-quality traction products across Canada and the US. Our products will give you the safety you need to prevent industrial machinery from slipping on snow, ice, mud, gravel, and dirt. Our products, which are installed through the track, can increase safe and efficient operations in any working condition. For more information, get in touch with us now. 

Rubber Track Packages

ClawM sells quality rubber tracks with fully installed extreme or carbide studs.

Need Durable Tires?

We offer superior quality tires to improve traction and safety on wheeled machines.

Which Tracks Work Best?

We provide quality traction products to customers across Canada. If you have any questions, visit our FAQs page.

Where to Do a Test Hole?

Follow this guide to ensure your tracks are compatible with our studs.

Why Choose Our Traction Products?

Improved traction:

ClawM’s patented traction studs for rubber track machines, provide improved stability in all directions. Our studs, bars and claws, are attached completely through the rubber track system, making them "one with the track". Our products are uniquely designed to remain in place by using our patented flange nuts. This design also helps give ample traction on thick ice, deep snow, wet mud, and compact or loose dirt.

Reduced operational costs:

Since 2015, ClawM's traction products have not only been making a significant difference in traction and safety for operators but also contributing to reduced fuel consumption in equipment. Our carbide studs and extreme carbide studs on smaller rubber tracks and solid rubber-tired machines allow these machines to use a quarter of the consumption of fuel in a day.

Better for the environment:

There aren’t many ways to reduce the carbon footprint in the mining and logging industries in Canada and the USA. Field trials have shown a reduction in fuel consumption while using smaller well-maintained machinery rigged with our traction products. Lower emissions mean a lower carbon footprint.

Benefits of Using Our Traction Products

Purchase directly from the manufacturer and save on retail mark ups
Our traction products give you the safety you need to prevent industrial machinery from slipping on snow, ice, mud, gravel, and dirt.
It increases the grip of the equipment and decreases the amount of time your track or tire spends spinning. This means you won’t have to replace your tracks as often, which leads to less regular track-replacement expenses for your machine.
All our products are made in Canada.
Shipping is available throughout North America.
Our patented traction studs for rubber and steel track equipment are designed to provide improved stability in all directions and increase traction and safety on thick ice, deep snow, wet mud, and compact or loose dirt.

We have been selling traction products for over six years. A variety of large and small companies use our traction products and recognize them as a must-have for safety on the worksite.



No slipping or sliding.  It's like a whole new machine.

" We had some thaw and freeze happening which turned the driveway into a skating rink.  With chains on my camso ott tracks I thought it would be a great test for them. There are no issues with traction.  I could even stop halfway down hills and come to a complete stop. No slipping or sliding. It's like a whole new machine.  Your chains made all the difference in these camso otts." 

Aaron - Chain Bars

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