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Extreme Carbide Studs

The extreme carbide studs were developed for extremely rugged terrains where additional traction is necessary. such as going up steep inclines in mud. ice. and snow. The extreme studs are a great option to quickly add traction to your rubber track. The extreme studs work perfectly for heavy-duty operations in gravel and mine pits. These studs have an easy installation process and can be switched with other ClawM stud attachments to suit any purpose.


The extreme studs have an additional carbide coating and an extra-long head to provide added traction for your rubber tracks. The white Teflon bushing ensures that your stud doesn’t settle into your rubber and will always give you amazing traction on any terrain. Please contact us for product pricing.


One ClawM extreme stud package set includes:

  • 120 - Extreme carbide studs

  • 120 - ClawM flange nuts

  • 120 lock nuts

  • 1 -3/8” drill bit (instead of just drill bit)

  • 1 - ClawM driver

  • 1 - Drill bit

  • 1 - Installation instructions booklet

One set will cover both tracks. every second lug and on both sides. Purchase a second set to cover every lug on the track for maximum traction and stability.


Note: The studs come fully installed on the track sets.

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