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Extreme Carbide Studs with Large Bushings - Custom Made

Our Extreme carbide studs with large bushings were developed for large machines like Panther and Morookas. These are custom-built products.  Used when the structural plate in the track runs right through the lugs. When the structural plate runs right through the tracks lug. we cannot drill a hole. These are an alternative. They are placed between the lugs. These studs will give you great traction on ice and snow and very aggressive terrain. The Extreme carbide studs with large bushings have an extra-long head and large bushings to give you amazing traction on any terrain.


One stud package includes:

  • 120 Extreme carbide studs

  • 120 large bushings

  • 120 flange nuts

  • 120 lock nuts.

  • 1 ClawM driver

  • 1 – 3/8” drill bit

  • Installation instructions.

Made for aggressive terrains like ice. snow and mud.

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