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Keyway Lock Carbide Studs

Keyway Lock Carbide Studs

The Keyway Lock Carbide Stud was designed for easy installation on various air-filled rubber tires and track machines. This product is designed for traction and safety in mud. ice. and snow.  This product can be used on tractors. loaders. rock trucks. graders. zoom booms. high lifts etc.


Keyway Lock Carbide Studs can be easily installed. replaced. or removed.  Claw Manufacturing supplies a custom drill bit to drill the depth needed for the stud. Once you have drilled the hole you will use a pair of vice grips to hold the stud and pound the stud into the hole. Once the stud is completely pounded into the rubber. use your vice grips on the top of the stud and rotate counterclockwise 3 rotations. This will lock the keyway lock carbide stud in place and the stud is installed.

Keyway Lock Carbide Stud Package

Keyway Lock Carbide Studs comes in a custom package and the quantity is based on your specific needs. Each package comes with a custom drill bit.

Please contact us for quotes and product pricing.

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