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Mud Bar with Carbide Studs

ClawM's mud bar traction product is great at providing traction on muddy and loose dirt terrains but also works great on deep snow and thick ice. The thick steel trough bars dig deep into the dirt and provide the leverage you need to keep moving. Heavy mud. deep compacted snow. ClawM's mud bar will help you get through it all. This traction attachment is extremely versatile and could be a great help in the bush and on snowy trails.  


*This product is a custom build. When you order it we will need 2 days before it will be shipped to you*


One Mud Bar package includes:

  • Set of ½” carbide studs installed

  • 120 - Mud Bars

  • 240 - Flange nuts

  • 1 - ClawM Driver

  • 1 - Drill bit

  • 1 - Drill template

  • 1 - Installation instructions booklet

One set will cover both tracks. every second lug and on both sides. Purchase a second set to cover every lug on the track for maximum traction and stability. The Mud Bar is designed for heavier applications on track Loaders. Please contact us for product pricing!

NOTE: This product is to be purchased with a track package only. 

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