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Benefits of using ClawM's Products, Track Packages, and Solid Rubber Tires

Benefits of using ClawM

Improve your company's carbon footprint, get the most value out of your equipment, increase safety for workers, and more with ClawM's Traction Products.

ClawM is a producer of traction studs and specializes in track packages and rubber tires. Servicing clients across the continent, ClawM is a professional and well-established company that understands the value of your machinery. They are here to discuss some of the benefits of their products, ranging from their carbon footprint to the general safety of the public and your equipment operators. Carbon Footprint

ClawM is leading the charge in reducing the carbon footprint, increasing the longevity of tracks, thus reducing the demand for the manufacture of replacement tracks and studs. Industries like forestry, construction, agriculture, mulching contractors, mining, highways, and city road maintenance have the potential to reduce their carbon footprint by 50%. By installing carbide studs on smaller track and wheel machines there is a natural reduction in fossil fuels to run the smaller machines. As well as a reduction in materials used to produce replacement tracks. ClawM carbide studs used on smaller equipment increase efficiency, traction and safety for equipment. Safety

Carbide studs make for safer work. By installing our products on rubber tracks or solid rubber tires, you will dramatically reduce the chances of slipping and sliding, allowing you to operate your equipment with much more confidence. When your equipment operators are using equipment with carbide studs installed, they will be able to feel the difference in how the equipment operates. Equipment Value

Rubber tracks that have carbide studs installed on them last longer. Every moment your equipment is spinning as it tries to grip a rough surface, it’s wearing down the track and reducing the life of the rubber. The same thing goes for solid rubber tires. However, by installing carbide studs into your track or solid rubber tire, you increase the grip of the equipment and decrease the amount of time your track or tire spends spinning. This means you won’t have to replace your tracks as often, which leads to less regular track-replacement expenses for your machine. Versatility

Our track packages are versatile in that they can be used during icy seasons and wet, muddy conditions when more traction is desired, then removed during clear weather or flat terrain. Track studs are easily removed when you don’t need them or they can be used all year round! It is also important to note that our stud packages can be used on any application or terrain, which includes ice, snow, mud, gravel, loose dirt, concrete and grass. Contact Us Today

ClawM is standing by to take your call and show you how you can benefit from our carbide studs and track packages. We are committed to increasing your level of safety while operating equipment, reducing your costs and reducing the carbon footprint. Check out our products and track packages, or contact us for a quote!


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