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Buying Traction Attachments vs. Buying a Track Package

Buying Traction Attachments vs. Buying a Track Package,

Learn pros and cons of these two great traction enhancement options available at ClawM.

At ClawM, we manufacture traction studs, bars, and other attachments for rubber tracks. ClawM’s traction attachments attach directly through your tracks, making them one with the track and thereby increasing the safety and efficiency of operations in any working conditions. ClawM’s traction products give you the safety you need to prevent industrial machinery from slipping on snow, ice, mud, gravel, and dirt. The main reason for using our studs is traction, safety, and to increase the lifespan of your tracks. With ClawM’s traction attachments, you have two purchasing options: purchase only the attachments, or purchase a complete track package – where we install our attachments on a new set of tracks for you, and then ship you the new set complete and ready to go. Our studs do not work on all tracks. Some tracks have a metal structural plate that goes right out to the end of the lug, so there is no room for the studs. For this reason, ClawM provides an option for ordering Ultimate Traction Tracks with studs already installed. There are pros and cons to either option. Let us break it down for you: Pros of Purchasing Attachments Only

  • Cheaper

  • Less shipping cost

  • Provides an opportunity to learn more about your tracks as you install attachments

Cons of Purchasing Attachments Only

  • Required to purchase tools necessary to install the attachments

  • Must use your own time to undertake installation

  • Chance you could make a mistake on the install

  • More downtime while you complete the installation

Pros of Purchasing Track Package

  • Installation carried out quickly and efficiently by experienced professionals

  • Tracks are ready to go when you receive your shipment

  • No need to purchase installation tools

  • Packages can be custom built specifically for your needs

Cons of Purchasing Track Package

  • More expensive

  • Higher shipping cost

At the end of the day, only you can decide what works best for you but reading a couple excerpts of our testimonials will give you a good idea of what our customers are saying about our products.


Steve Bagby purchased Extreme Studs. Here’s what he has to say about the product and process: “I am extremely happy and impressed with the Extreme Studs we bought from you guys! Easy to install and it keeps us working in very difficult conditions! Wonderful product!”


Jonathan Field purchased a set of Ultimate Traction tracks. Here are his thoughts: “I purchased a set of the Ultimate Traction tracks for my Bobcat T 650 and I am so pleased with how well they performed. I love the track machine but have struggled with it in the past clearing snow and working in icy conditions. The traction I have with these studs installed was beyond my expectation. They made plowing heavy snow a breeze. These tracks way out performed my tire machine Bobcat with chains. The service at Claw M is top notch and I would highly recommend this product and company.” Even if you purchase a complete track package from us, you can still choose to replace or upgrade individual studs and claws on your tracks without having to do the hard work of the initial claw installation. Did we mention that ClawM ships anywhere in Canada and the USA? No matter where you are, whether you need equipment that can handle mud, dirt, snow, ice, or all of them, ClawM has what you need to keep your machines working for you. Check out our Rubber Track Package page to see all the different types of track packages we offer. We will take care of the hassle of installation for you. Simply give us the dimensions for your track, and we will put together a quote. A package set includes our extreme or carbide studs, fully installed by our professionals at ClawM onto two new Rubber Tracks of your choice. They will be shipped directly to your business or home. Reach out today for a quote!


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