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ClawM Implements New Robotic Welding Cell in Productions

Claw Manufacturing Implements New Robotic Welding Cell in Productions,

Here at ClawM, we believe in constantly improving our product and our process. We now have a robotic welding cell that makes our traction studs! Check out the video and learn more about what we're doing!

Product quality and consistency are key to customer satisfaction, specifically when safety is concerned. Now, more than ever, ClawM (ClawM) is able to construct skid steer tracks and studs for your heavy-duty vehicles with the utmost confidence in weld quality through the use of a robotic welding cell. Working with Harviell, Missouri-based Rice Automation, ClawM has developed a robotic welding cell template for their products which will increase the efficiency, consistency and quality of their skid steer tracks and studs. Rice Automation and Robotic Automation Devices

Specializing in welding robots, robotic welding cells and all types of robotic automation, Rice Automation provides turnkey solutions for custom applications. In July 2019, ClawM spent three days working with Rice Automation to develop a custom template for their studs. When the resulting robotic welding cell and stud template were complete, ClawM travelled to Harviell, Missouri to pick up the items and take part in a three-day training session. Rice Automation also offers learning at your own pace through I-training, which provides clients with access to a library of detailed training videos. All videos are performed in real-time providing a realistic scenario. With a plethora of information in hand and I-training videos available on demand, ClawM returned to their shop in Kamloops, BC, and set up their new robotic welding cell to begin constructing consistently high-quality products. The Importance of Consistency in Business

ClawM knows that producing consistent, high quality products is key for customer satisfaction as it allows customers to know exactly what to expect every time they purchase studs and/or tracks. This is exactly what is required for brand confidence and repeat business. It is especially integral due to the nature of ClawM products as they provide safety and security for the operators and owners of the heavy-duty skid steers, track loaders, excavators and other vehicles utilizing ClawM tracks and studs. The Advantages of Robotic Welding Using welding robotic automation offers several advantages including:

  • Better weld quality

  • Faster, consistent cycle times

  • No breaks in production

  • Reduced labour costs

  • Safer work environment by reducing arc glare, overspray and direct contact during the welding process

To sum it up, robotic welding cells are quicker and make fewer mistakes than manual welding. Therefore, not only will the resulting products be more likely to be error free, they will also be produced without interruption, 24 hours a day, seven days a week thus, increasing throughput and productivity. Customers requiring confidence in the performance of their tracks and studs for their skid steer, track loader or excavator, can count on ClawM’s robotic welding cell constructed goods. These innovatively produced products will ensure the best traction for your heavy-duty vehicles in even the worst weather and ground conditions. Add traction to your rubber and steel track machine this winter with the best skid steer tracks and studs to address any terrain with ClawM products. Get ready for icy winter roads and ensure your company operates despite even the worst weather conditions. Get a quote for your ClawM tracks and studs today. ClawM products can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the USA.


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