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ClawM Traction Product Testing

ClawM Traction Product Testing

ClawM takes pride in their carbide traction studs and the quality of those products. Check out the rigorous, long-term testing that occurs to improve these products!

At ClawM we take pride in our carbide stud products. To ensure that our products are exceeding our standards we have clients that help with testing. Many of our clients use our products in a variety of different applications like mulching, logging, snow removal, the pipeline, mining, construction and farming. Here is some of the feedback we’re receiving back from them: Cat 299 D Track Loader

One client who owns a Cat 299 D track loader skid steer with our carbide studs installed uses his machine in a variety of applications. These include land clearing, road building, culvert installation and many miscellaneous jobs. He has reported that over 1600 hours on his carbide studs! He was so impressed with the product he has also purchased our Ultimate Traction Tracks with the carbide studs installed, that he will swapped out with his other tracks so he has no down time. John Deere 333G Track Loader Skid Steer

We also have a local logging contractor who helps us with testing with our Ultimate Traction Tracks. He does snow removal in the winter on logging roads with his John Deere 333G Track loader skid steer. He has run his studs all winter and has not had to replace any studs. Solid Rubber Tire Skid Steer

Along with the feedback we receive from clients, we are also continuously testing our products by using them ourselves. For example, for the past 4 years we have been testing our solid rubber tires with carbide studs installed on our wheel skid steer. We use this machine every day at our manufacturing plant but the studs have only worn about 20% in those 4 years! Thanks to all of this internal and external testing, we have recently made a couple of changes to our product. First, we have found that having the neoprene bushing on the top where the stud is was not working. Most clients were not re-torquing the studs after operating for a day. It seemed that it got ice, snow and dirt between the bushing and was using the washer as traction not stud, eventually bending the stud and breaking it. Because of this we have put the neoprene bushing on the bottom, which has resolved the issues. Secondly, while testing our steel track studs on a D7G Cat we have been having issues with keeping the studs tight. Studs that come loose tend to break. In order to resolve this issue we have needed to tack weld the thread. This has resolved the issue of loose studs. We sell our product as a kit to be installed on various tracks. Because of this, our products will not work on some tracks. Those tracks are the 12” “H” pattern and “U” shaped pattern tracks. These have a metal structural plate that runs in the “H” and “U” shape pattern. We don’t drill through that structural plate and we do not recommend clients drill through it either. We recommend the staggered block tracks because we can drill directly through the rubber part of the track without hitting the metal structural plate, making our products one with the tracks. We plan to continue testing so that we can maintain our pride in our products and continue selling the best equipment possible! Learn more about what’s going on at ClawM in our blog, find out more about our traction enhancement products, or get a quote today!


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