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ClawM Traction Products are Not Only For Snow And Ice

ClawM Traction Products are Not Only For Snow And Ice,

ClawM provides traction tracks, studs, and rubber tires for track loaders, dozers, hydro vacs, skid steers, excavators, and more!

The value of ClawM Traction Studs for rubber track and tire equipment extends far beyond winter conditions, to include greater traction in wet mud, and compact or loose dirt. As covered in an earlier blog about warm weather traction needs, ClawM (ClawM) in Kamloops, BC works year-round to provide added traction and safety to your equipment. See below for the top five machines/industries that use their Traction Studs in fair weather applications. The John Deere 333E

The John Deere 333E is a compact track loader used primarily in construction and landscaping. It is a mighty beast designed to lift heavy loads with superior reach, stability, clearance and breakout force. ClawM Ultimate Traction Tracks shown here are fully assembled Carbide Claw and Stud Rubber Tracks that provide improved balance, stability and agility for powering through terrain. D7 Cat Dozer

The D7 Cat Dozer has been around in one form or another since the 1930s and has seen many uses from military to agricultural. The D7G pictured here has ClawM Metal Track Studs which are highly durable, and greatly increase traction on mud, soil, gravel, snow and ice. The Dozer is ideal for excavating on very steep slopes, in forests, and for backfilling pipelines safely without risking damage to the pipe. Hydro Vac

The Hydro Vac is used in excavation and offers the only non-destructive method of digging. It utilizes pressurized water and a vacuum system to quickly and safely expose underground infrastructure. The ClawM Traction Studs pictured are exceptionally useful on wet and muddy terrain. Case Skid Steer Uniloader

The Case Skid Steer Uniloader is a powerful machine with a wide range of uses and attachments. Its compact size and great visibility are key features. The Uniloader pictured here has had its rear solid rubber tires updated with ClawM Studs for added security and safety on difficult terrains like mud, ice, loose soil, gravel, logs, sand, steep grades, and slick surfaces. Mecalac Mini Excavator

The Mecalac mini excavator is a compact machine with big presence. The mini pictured here loading logs has on ClawM fully assembled Carbide Claw and Stud Rubber Tracks. A package set includes two rubber tracks with a fully installed Carbide Claw set, and a fully installed set of Carbide Studs. They are quickly and easily installed, and they work well on icy, slushy, muddy, gravel and dry dirt terrains. ClawM Track Attachments are a great fit year-round for equipment in numerous industries, including ranch/ farm work, mulching companies, excavating, landscaping, snow plowing, construction, and logging. To see our products in action, check out the "Videos" page. Our Traction Studs for Rubber Track Equipment patented by ClawM are designed to provide improved stability in all directions, and increase traction and safety on thick ice, deep snow, wet mud, and compact or loose dirt. The Claws and Studs are installed through the track and provide ample traction for any rubber track machine. We manufacture them in Kamloops, BC and we ship them anywhere in Canada and the USA. Please contact us - we would love to hear from you! We invite any questions regarding pricing, shipping options, or installation!.


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