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Ultimate Traction Tracks with Carbide or Extreme Carbide Studs Installed

Ultimate Traction Tracks with Carbide or Extreme Carbide Studs Installed,

When conditions get bad and your rubber track machine struggles with traction, the Ultimate Traction Tracks with ClawM's Carbide Studs will give you the traction you need.

Ultimate Traction Tracks with Carbide or Extreme Carbide Studs Installed

Rubber track skid steers, track loaders and other track equipment can be extremely useful on certain terrains. However, when a machine is trying to work in a muddy, icy, or thickly snowed in areas, it can struggle with finding traction on those surfaces. If your equipment spins its tracks needlessly, becomes stuck, slides out of control, or otherwise causes you hassles, it is eating at your profits and becoming a problem that needs a solution. Our “Ultimate Traction Tracks” with carbide or extreme carbide studs installed can be that solution. Our products can help optimize your equipment to give you unbeatable traction in any terrain at any time of year. ClawM’s “Ultimate Traction Tracks” with carbide or extreme carbide studs will make your equipment more productive and profitable by reducing needless spinning of your tracks, stopping you from sliding and keeping you in control of your machine. The “Ultimate Traction Tracks” staggered block pad design creates a highly versatile track with good balance and traction. The design, along with our studs, minimizes vibration and makes for even traction on all studs - giving you the traction and safety needed on any worksite during any season! Safe To Install on Your Machine

By using the staggered block track design we are able to drill holes in a way that avoids the steel structural plate that is in the tracks. The structural plate is the “C” shape in the block part of the tracks. We avoid the structural plate altogether which enables us to stagger the studs and give you the ultimate traction. Additionally, all of this does not affect the strength of your track! The carbide or extreme carbide studs install directly through the “Ultimate Traction Tracks”. This ensures a strong and secure attachment to any skid steer or mini excavator’s tracks so that the studs will not fall or tear out. You will break a stud long before you see it cause wear and tear to the track. If you do break a stud we recommend treplacing it as soon as it breaks to reduce the stress that will be placed on the other studs. ClawM is happy to offer our clients the option to have our traction attachments installed onto a set of tracks by our experienced staff. Allowing our traction team to do the work is turning out really well for our clients and us! ClawM’s installers are especially great at using our ‘Staggered Block’ track design. Get a quote today for our “Ultimate Traction Tracks” with the carbide or extreme carbide studs today!


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