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Steel Track Studs

These studs are great for any steel track machinery that might need extra traction on snow. mud. ice. and gravel. They are custom-made when you order them. We will ensure that the length of the stud head will be long enough to extend past your machine's grousers. The length of the stud will also be customized to suit the thickness of your metal track. Bolt thickness can range from 3/8" to 1-1/4" (10mm-32mm). Our personnel can help you match the size of your machine's track with the correct size stud. Click on our contact information and we will send you a quote asap.


Steel track studs are easily installed and can be easily removed from the track if they are unnecessary for your project. Using these studs can greatly increase the amount of traction your machine gets on mud. soil. snow. ice. and gravel; we know you will find them to be highly durable and helpful for your projects.


Because the steel track studs are so customized. the pricing will depend on the model. type and size of the machine you will be installing them on. We will need two days to manufacture the steel track studs before they can be shipped. Please contact us for quotes and product pricing.

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