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Why the Staggered Block Tracks?

Why the Staggered Block Tracks?

ClawM installs traction studs to rubber tracks on machines like excavators and skid steers. Let our experienced staff install these attachments to your staggered block track design!

ClawM is happy to offer our clients the option to have our traction attachments installed onto a set of tracks by our experienced staff. Allowing our traction team to do the work is turning out really well for our clients and us! ClawM’s installers are especially great at using our ‘Staggered Block’ track design. By using the staggered block track design we are able to drill holes in a way that avoids the steel structural plate that is in the tracks. The structural plate is like a c shape in the block part of the tracks. We want to avoid the structural plate altogether enabling us to stagger the studs in a way to give you the ultimate traction without affecting the strength of your track. How Do Staggered Block Tracks Help Your Traction?

The staggered block pad design creates a highly versatile track with good balance and traction. The design along with our studs minimizes vibration and makes for even traction on all studs. Giving you the traction and safety needed. The traction attachments install directly through the staggered block tracks which will ensure strong and secure attachment to any skid steer or mini excavator’s tracks. These studs will not fall or tear out. The staggered block tracks are a thicker track and have become one of the most popular products we offer because of their versatility. With ClawM’s traction attachments installed your machines will be able to go places they could not go before. Customized Traction Solutions

As our team gets more experienced installing our traction products onto staggered block tracks, we’re finding more and more ways to customize your machine’s setup with extra attachments. These attachments can include the extreme mud/snow bar and mud T-bars. We have also changed our positioning of our Teflon bushing. The bushing now sits at the bottom of the stud with the bottom flange nut instead of the top flange nut. Dirt and debris was getting in the top of the stud with the Teflon bushing on the top. With the bushing on the bottom we have found the top washer and flange nut set into the track nicely allowing it to be debris free. Give us a call or send an email to ClawM to learn more about our traction products!


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