ClawM Traction Products, Great for Many Different Machines!

December 12th 2018

ClawM Traction Products, Great for Many Different Machines!,

Yanmar, Mooroka tracked carriers, and Quad Track Tractors are just some of the many different machines besides the rubber track skid steers, and track loaders that need a bit of extra traction and safety for our clients here at ClawM. These machines are used on the pipelines, oil field, mining sites and farming. The tracked machines make it easier to get around on the uneven and rocky terrain of a host of worksites.

With our ClawM traction products our clients will get that added traction and safety they are looking for. These machines with their durable rubber tracks give a high floatation, low ground pressure capability to productivity operating on icy, slippery, sloped conditions. These machines will minimize disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. With the clawM traction products the Yanmar, Mooroka and Quad Track Tractor can become a very versatile piece of equipment going places you could not before.

ClawM has designed our product to fit on many different machines so that you, the operator, do not have to worry about the terrain you are on. With our product you can be rest assured that you are going to get the job done. With our patented traction studs, you will not have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place on the ice and snow. Our products will not rip or tear out. They are attached through the rubber track and become one with the tracks.

At Claw Manufacturing we are always trying to improve our products. Making them stronger and more efficient for the operators. We are always thinking of the operator’s safety and ability to operate on steep slopes and unstable ground.

At ClawM we’re proud to be providers of traction products that make it safer and more effective to use your track and rubber tire machines in conditions that would normally be dangerous or make your work impossible. Check us out at or 250-578-8780