ClawM Traction Products on the Worksite

May 29th 2019

ClawM Traction Products on the Worksite,

Blackburn Trucking Ltd DBA Claw Manufacturing has been in business for 24 years in 2019. For the first twenty years we were Blackburn Trucking Ltd. Under that name, we worked in the logging, road building and construction industries very closely with major companies and government officials. As a result of this, Health and Safety on the worksite became very important to us – and it still is! For the past 10 years we have been, and continue to be, part of the BC Forest Safe Companies, which is a Health and Safety Association here in British Columbia. Although we are no longer in the logging, road building, and construction industries we still use the BC Forest Safe Health and Safety template in our new business as Claw Manufacturing.

With the growth of major industries like logging, road building, construction, and mining, safety is of the utmost importance on worksites. Each person on the worksite needs to be properly trained in their individual job. Despite great training though, injuries can still occur when well-trained individuals have to work on equipment that isn’t fully equipped with safety accessories designed for the extreme circumstances and weather they may encounter. Sometimes the equipment being used needs a bit more safety added. As operators of many pieces of equipment over the years we have learned that safety is imperative. This is why we at Claw Manufacturing have developed our products.

Our products help increase traction for industrial equipment. Our 3 most popular traction studs are very versatile for most small to medium machines including rubber track excavators, skid steers, track loaders and more. Our studs attach directly through the rubber making them one with the tracks. This means they won’t shift around or get pulled out by normal operation. The studs are made with a carbide steel tip that grips well and lasts long. As an added benefit, we provide you with the tools to remove the studs for when you are working in good conditions that don’t need improved traction! These patented traction studs are designed to provide improved stability in all directions by increasing traction (and safety) on worksites.

With our studs you are not just getting added traction and safety. Using our products on smaller rubber track excavators, track loaders, and skid steers in industries like logging, mining, road building, and construction, fuel consumption costs can be reduced by 2/3 of a percent! This also reduces a machine’s carbon footprint – which can have an effect in today’s carbon tax world.

At Claw Manufacturing, we’re always looking for ways to increase safety conditions on the worksite with our traction products. For more information about our various studs, claws, and bars, check out our Products page or contact us with your questions and requests for quotes! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a safer worksite for your employees.