Staggered Block Tracks with ClawM's Products Installed

July 16th 2018

Staggered Block Tracks with ClawM

ClawM is now installing our carbide stud (ice cleat) and other products on the staggered block tracks for skid steers and mini excavators. The staggered block tracks package includes two new rubber tracks with fully installed sets of studs (2 staggered block tracks, 120 Studs, 120 flange nuts, 120 Teflon bushings and 1 ClawM driver.) This package is convenient for the busy company who may not have the time to install the ClawM products themselves. ClawM will take the hassle out of the installation for you.

By using the recommended staggered block track this will make installation easier. Installation is easier by avoiding the structural plates in the tracks – which ClawM is familiar with. This will extend the longevity of your track and studs. Because of the Staggered block design ClawM’s products can be offset on the staggered block track giving you the ultimate traction.

The Staggered block tracks with our products installed are being used for extreme conditions: conditions were you need more safety and stability. These tracks will give your machines better performance and more production on the job.

ClawM recommends having your new ClawM product – with its pre-installed studs – put on in the warmer weather to reduce the wear on your tracks – that makes this the perfect time of year to contact us about these Staggered Block Track stud products! The studs will not wear out the tracks.

Having ClawM studs installed directly through the staggered block tracks will ensure strong and secure attachment to any skid steer or mini excavator’s tracks, making them one with the tracks. These studs will not fall or tear out.

At ClawM we feel the best way to add traction to your worn down old tracks or improve your new tracks is to add our traction products to your skid steers or mini excavator, these will give you all the traction you need. Check out our many testimonials on our website, contact us for a quote, and learn more about